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2 Reasons Why Many Businesses Need to Outsource Their Digital Marketing

The online world is ever changing. Twenty years ago, it was easy for any Tom, Dick, or Harry to undertake their digital marketing campaigns alone. In fact, back then, many ordinary people made A LOT of money undertaking their own digital marketing campaigns across all manner of websites…back then, it was fine. Nowadays, it makes much more sense to outsource your digital marketing campaigns. Below, we’re going to explain why.

Digital Marketing Is a Complex Subject That Requires Expert Knowledge
Sure, 20 years ago it was fine for people to carry out their own marketing campaigns online. Back then, it was much easier. There were very few rules. For example, in the late ‘90s, you could post a page full of keywords related to your business, with links back to your site, and Google would mistake this to mean that your site was relevant and popular, and would then rank your site higher in the search rankings. That was a very easy way to get a lot of people to your site.

Well, since then, Google has become much savvier. They only want you on their front page if your site is actually relevant to real people. They have many rules in place to make sure that it’s the people deciding your fate, and not so much you.

Digital marketing experts understand how to tailor your digital marketing in such a way that it will pique the interest of potential clients. They have an entire array of tools to help them do this, from analytical tools that allow them to see how popular a particular part their campaign is, to content creation tools that allow them to create beautiful graphics. They draw on these tools to create campaigns that work.

In other words, the online digital marketing industry has its own internal workings. Digital marketing services understand and use these workings to their advantage. For a non-digital marketing person to do this would take months, and even years, of dedicated learning, and even then, it’s a constant challenge to keep up. Doing this in addition to your full time job is unrealistic.

Therefore, to stay industry-relevant, it’s important to outsource your digital marketing needs to a dedicated agency. This is their job. You wouldn’t carry out your real-world marketing in-house, so why would you carry out your digital marketing in-house? Only the largest businesses can do that.

Digital Marketing Agencies Are Experts in Understanding People
You might think that you know your customers well, but invite a marketing expert in to study your business and you'll soon realise how much you are missing. Marketing experts understand how to create brands that work, brands with which other people want to engage.


They are masters in creating online personas for individuals and businesses. This is the study, interpretation, and utilisation of human nature in such a way as to make something popular, and it is a very specialist skill that takes years to hone.

Clearly, the best agencies are located in the best cities. For instance, you will find the best digital marketing services London, New York, and Silicon Valley. You have no idea just how much influence these people has around the internet. They are everywhere if you know how to look for them.  

Outsourcing your digital marketing campaign to a dedicated agency means reaping the rewards of their expertise, which in turn means capitalising from gaps in the online market and maximising your online profits?

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